Motivational Interviewing Learning Alliance (MILA)

Developing proficiency is an absolute must for anyone truly interested in integrating Motivational Interviewing into their work. A MAJOR limitation is finding the time and having the resources in place to reach proficiency. Historically, it’s recommended that people interested in developing a skill set in using MI and reaching proficiency do the following: 1. Attend a 2-day Introductory Workshop. 2. Attend a 1-day Intermediate Workshop. 3. Attend a 1-day Advanced Workshop. 4. Receive ongoing coaching and supervision. While we always recommend this path, we understand how cumbersome that path can be and believe all individuals should have access to quality learning and coaching.

The goal of the Motivational Interviewing Learning Alliance is to build a learning community of individuals who aspire to learn and develop their skills in Motivational Interviewing, as well as work on integrating Motivational Interviewing into their work. While we still recommend a traditional path to proficiency, we recognize the need for easy access and affordable learning. MILA is a learning platform for individuals to connect, to challenge one another, and to learn from one another through the support of the MILA’s Founder, Alexander Waitt.
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