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Formative Outcomes, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was founded by Alexander Waitt in 2015. Initially, Formative Outcomes offered evidence-based trainings in the community to enhance healthcare practitioner’s ability to create healthy dialogue with patients. Over the last three years Formative Outcomes has evolved. Today, Formative Outcomes works with organizations and systems in identifying gaps in service lines and delivering workshops and organizational programming services proven to create positive change, impacting the quality of services and an organization’s bottom-line. Formative Outcomes also facilitates workshops and trainings for organizations who want to learn more about and enhance various clinical and counseling interventions. We additionally offer clinical supervision services to non-licensed counselors working towards obtaining their license as well as licensed and non-licensed counselors and healthcare practitioners hoping to develop expertise in evidence-based clinical practices.

What we do


Workshops are offered quarterly in the community. Workshops and training can also be facilitated at your organization; designed and implemented for your team and their specific learning needs and desired outcomes.


Purposeful training and organizational programming can save your organization valuable resources while generating revenue. We’ll guide you to increase client engagement that fosters healthy change and positive outcomes.


Supervision is a critical component of developing proficiency in clinical engagement. We offer individual supervision using best-practice measures to ensure you continue to grow in your application of evidence-based interventions.


We offer quarterly workshops in the community for individuals interested in developing their clinical and counseling skills. We also design and facilitate trainings for organizations who desire to train their entire clinical team in a clinical skill. Our area of expertise includes Motivational Interviewing, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and E4 (a brief intervention model for paraprofessionals).
Motivational Interviewing
October 17 & 18, 2018
Pittsburgh, PA
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Motivational Interviewing (MI)

MI is an evidence-based intervention that guides people in making healthy decisions by supporting them in resolving their ambivalence to make a change while increasing intrinsic motivation. Applicable as a leadership tool and to support patients in making change.

Narrative Therapy

Narrative therapy is a post-modern approach to counseling that emphasizes people as the experts of their own lives. Through a collaborative process, Narrative Therapy supports clients in ‘re-authoring events in their lives that offer new meaning and reduce the influence of problems in their lives.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is the premier treatment directed toward solving problems and teaching individuals skills to modify dysfunctional thinking and behavior. CBT interventions help individuals overcome major obstacles to their recovery, including lack of motivation, anhedonia, and asocial behavior.


Formative Outcomes works with community-based programs and healthcare systems who desire to improve patient outcomes, respond and adjust to healthcare payer needs, and improve the overall communication and engagement at the patient level. We offer quality improvement assistance that includes implementing evidence-based training and consultation designed to achieve sustainable change and reach meaningful goals. We'll guide you in adjusting your patient engagement practices in an ever changing healthcare system, ensuring that your healthcare providers are delivering evidence-based communication practices that foster healthy patient outcomes.


We offer clinical supervision for non-licensed counselors and therapists working towards obtaining their license. We also offer clinical supervision for non-licensed and licensed counselors and healthcare practitioners that desire to improve their clinical engagements or develop expertise in evidence-based practices. Shoot us an email. We'll send you an application and follow up with you to ensure we are the right fit for you. We understand practitioner development and work with each supervisee to ensure you reach the goals we develop together.

Motivational Interviewing Learning Alliance (MILA)

Developing proficiency is an absolute must for anyone truly interested in integrating MI into their work. A MAJOR limitation is finding the time and having the resources in place to reach proficiency. Historically, it's recommended that people interested in developing a skill set in using MI and reaching proficiency do the following: 1. Attend a 2-day Introductory Workshop. 2. Attend a 1-day Intermediate Workshop. 3. Attend a 1-day Advanced Workshop. 4. Receive ongoing coaching and supervision. While we always recommend this path, we understand how cumbersome that path can be and believe all individuals should have access to quality learning and coaching.

The goal of MILA is to build a learning community of individuals who aspire to learn and develop their skills in Motivational Interviwing as well as work on integrating Motivational Interviewing into their work. While we still recommend a traditional path to proficiency, we recognize the need for easy access and affordable learning. MILA is a learning platform for individuals to connect, to challenge one another, and to learn from one another through the support of the MILA's Founder, Alexander Waitt.
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Our Team

Alexander Waitt, LPC
B.A. (2008), Duquesne University, Psychology
M.S. (2010), Chatham University, Counseling Psychology
M.S.E.d. (2011), Duquesne University, Education

An expert in Motivational Interviewing and a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers, Alexander founded Formative Outcomes and leads individuals, organizations, and communities in forming sustainable change. Through whole-team quality improvement projects, clinical training, and counsel, Alexander serves as a primary support and facilitator working with systems to identify needs and develop and implement programming that improves patient outcomes. He also offers individual supervision for counselors and healthcare practitioners who seek to improve their clinical skills or reach proficiency in Motivational Interviewing.

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Dr. Mark Lepore, Ed.D, LPC
Senior Advisor
Ed.D. (2004), Duquesne University, Counselor Education and Supervision
MSW. (1995), West Virginia University, Social Work
MA. (1984), Duquesne University, HSA

Dr. Lepore has extensive knowledge of counseling supervision and serves as the Senior Advisor in charge of counselor and therapist development. He supervises and works with counselors and therapists seeking to achieve their license or who have a desire to improve their clinical skills. Dr. Lepore also designs and implements workshops in the area of Crisis Management, Narrative Therapy, and Crisis Debriefing for community-based and healthcare organizations. While working at Formative Outcomes, he maintains his full-time job as a Tenured Professor of Clarion University's Human Services, Rehabilitation, and Health, Sports, and Wellness Studies and the Director of Clinical Mental Health Counseling Graduate Program.

Deborah Shratz, LPC
B.S. (1990), University of New Hampshire, Nursing
B.S. (2010), Geneva College, Human Services
M.A. (2013), Waynesburg University, Counseling

As an Advisor and an experienced counselor and trainer, Deborah’s workshops focus on vicarious and cumulative trauma and self-care. Deborah has an innate ability to assess individual and organizational needs in those areas. Her specialties include: Trauma, Training & Mentoring, Coaching, Team Development, Leadership Development, & Project Management.

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