Formative Outcomes, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was founded by Alexander Waitt in 2015. Initially, Formative Outcomes offered evidence based trainings in the community to enhance healthcare practitioners ability to create healthy dialogue with patients. Over the last three years Formative Outcomes has evolved. Today, Formative Outcomes works with community-based programs and healthcare systems in identifying gaps in service lines and delivers trainings and technical assistance services proven to create positive change, impacting the quality of services and an organizations bottom line. Formative Outcomes additionally works with organizations who want to learn more about and enhance various clinical interventions as well as with individual mental health and healthcare practitioners who desire to develop expertise in specific evidence based practices.


We offer workshops in the community and for healthcare organizations and community based organizations who want to develop expertise or add to their clinical skill set. Subject areas include:
Motivational Interviewing
SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, & Referral to Treatment)
Harm Reduction
Suicide Intervention
Crisis Intervention
Trauma Informed Care

Technical Assistance

Having staff attend a workshop isn't enough to implement an evidence-based intervention.  We support your organization in reaching it's goals by offering technical assistance services that include:

Ongoing training and staff development
Individual and group supervision
Addressing process flow and improving efficiency 
Hands-on coaching and feedback
Measuring Outcomes


We offer whole-team, organizational programming designed to integrate evidence-based interventions.  Overarching goals often include:

Addressing mental health needs of clients
Addressing substance use needs 
Developing clinician proficiency
Addressing process flow and improving delivery of services
Developing clinician proficiency
Improving patient outcomes & measuring patient outcomes