Company Overview

Formative Outcomes was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Alexander Waitt in 2014. Initially, Formative Outcomes offered evidence-based trainings in the community to enhance healthcare practitioner’s ability to create healthy dialogue with patients. Over the last five years Formative Outcomes has evolved. With a second office in New Hampshire, Formative Outcomes serves the Central East and Northeast regions of the United States working with healthcare systems and community-based mental health, substance use, and co-occurring treatment programs. Formative Outcomes helps to identify gaps in service lines and delivers educational services and technical assistance proven to create positive change, impacting the quality of services and an organization’s bottom line. Formative Outcomes additionally works with organizations who want to learn more about and enhance various clinical interventions as well as with individual mental health, substance use, and healthcare practitioners who desire to develop expertise in specific evidence-based practices.

Each organization and their needs are different. Our approach offers both educational services and technical assistance to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes.


Educational services include everything from individual trainings in evidence-based interventions, curriculum development and implementation, to train-the-trainer models.

Technical assistance includes individual coaching and ongoing support to ensure that your team successfully develops proficiency and implements evidence-based interventions to achieve outcomes.

When both organizational and individual learning is paired with technical assistance, meaningful change can occur.